Spring Cleaning for Busy Bodies: Hacks to tackle Spring Cleaning when you don’t have time for Spring Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning for Busy Bodies: Hacks to tackle Spring Cleaning when you don’t have time for Spring Cleaning.

Are you busy?  Whether you are a parent of active kids, working a high stress job, or keeping an over scheduled calendar, it’s hard to find free time to get organized.  When you barely have the time to watch Game of Thrones each week, how can you expect to carve out time for Spring Cleaning? Here’s how to conquer Spring Cleaning when you only have minutes to spare from professionals who know the value of time….

2 minutes:  Disinfect your sponge.

Eliminate bacteria from your sponge by filling it with water and microwaving for one minute.  Voila. 99% bacteria free. And you can cross something off your list.spring cleaning





3 Minutes – Clean the garbage disposal.

Drop in a cut-up lemon, some salt, and a few ice cubes to clear away any unwanted odors or built-up residue.  You can use the other half of lemon to polish any stainless steel faucets. The citrusy smell is fresh and clean.

4 Minutes – Clean your grill grate with an onion.

GoBQ Grill cleaning tips

Pro Tip: Wire brushes can be dangerous, oil is messy, and chemicals can be unhealthy. For a quick, green (and tasty!) alternative, cut an onion in half, pierce it with a fork or tongs, and scrub the gunk off your grill grate before adding your food. Works best when the grate is very hot. The cooked juice from the onion will also add extra flavor to your meal!

Todd Zaroban, Co-founder, CEO, Marketing Director  GoBQ Grills

5 Minutes – Empty your purse and/or wallet of receipts.

Pro Tip: Set aside anything you might need for returns, tax or insurance purposes and toss or shred the rest.

Kelly Brask, Professional organizer 

8 Minutes – Use white vinegar to beat shower head buildup.

Looking for more natural ways to clean your bathroom? Vinegar can dissolve the mineral deposits accumulated in shower heads over time, causing reduced pressure and water flow. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar, secure it over the shower head with a rubber band and leave it overnight to get rid of buildup. Just be sure to run the shower before you hop in, or you risk smelling like vinegar all day.

9 Minutes – Update your address book.

Pro Tip: Grab that stack of envelopes from your holiday cards and update your address book, be it electronic or paper.

Kelly Brask, Professional organizer 

10 Minutes -Check your makeup bag for expired products

spring cleaning makeup casePro Tip:  All personal care products have a shelf life and they’re all different. Not surprisingly, these products are not regulated by the FDA so instead of official expiration dates, you will most likely find a PAO (Period After Opening) number on the back of your products. This number will be followed by ‘M’ and an open jar icon. This is the number of months, after opening, that your product should be thrown away. For example, a 6M means you should probably toss this product 6 months after opening it. One tricky thing…many products put the PAO on the box, not the product itself, so how will you remember once you throw the box out?

Melissa Engle, Arbonne International Website,  FB page,  InstagramCheck out other tips and tricks from Melissa like When Was The Last Time You Replaced Your Mascara? – Women Belong

20 Minutes:  Pack away winter coats, boots, hats and gloves.

seasonal storage

Pro Tip: BinSwap valet storage can store these for you through the summer to free up space in your house.  Schedule a day and time for bins to get delivered. Fill with your winter coats, hats, gloves and wool sweaters.  BinSwap will pick up and store until you need them back for a special Spring Cleaning promotional price of $5/month per bin.  You can even store your skis and snowboard with BinSwap too.  Learn more here.

BinSwap valet storage

25 Minutes – Throw out expired medications and sunscreen.

A quick purge of expired medications and sunscreen will give you a good idea of medications you might need to restock and clear out the medicine cabinet.  Here’s a list of what should be in every medicine cabinet. Take a quick inventory while you are cleaning out.

Spring cleaning

30 minutes – Get rid of that stack of magazines you’ve been saving.

Pro Tip:  Pour a nice cup of coffee or tea and look through the pile of magazines you’ve been meaning to read. Enjoy the articles that interest you, cut out the recipes you want to try and then send the stack to recycling.

Kelly Brask, Professional organizer 

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