10 Clever DIY Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

10 Clever DIY Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

Taking down holiday decorations can be frustrating and it’s a hassle to store them properly without it becoming a mess next holiday season. You don’t want to dampen your holiday spirit by unpacking disorderly ornaments and tangled lights.

For many families, holiday tree ornaments become legacies. Proper storage can ensure they stay in your family for many years. When you store your ornaments carefully, you won’t need to replace them every year.

Here at BinSwap, we value safe and secure storage and want to help you make storing your holiday decorations easier. Therefore, we put together ten creative and affordable DIY storage ideas for your precious holiday decorations.

  1. Store your Christmas ornaments in plastic cups. Start by gluing plastic cups to a piece of cardboard to fit multiple layers of these containers in a plastic bin. Fill the cups with your ornaments and add tissue paper or bubble wrap for extra protection.

    Christmas ornaments storage in plastic cups
    (Image Credit: One Good Thing)
  2. Use coffee filters for ornaments with an unusual shape. Coffee filters are flexible, soft and cheap. The best thing is that they can adapt to your ornaments shape. Tuck ornaments into a few coffee filters and layer them into plastic bins with bubble wrap between layers.

    coffee filters store ornaments unusual shape
    (Image Credit: DIY Network)
  3. Smaller Christmas ornaments can go inside egg cartons. Reusable egg cartons are perfect for tiny round ornaments. They stack easily in bins and can securely hold fragile items.

    Small Christmas ornaments inside egg cartons
    (Image Credit: Make Life Lovely)
  4. Store your artificial Christmas tree with pine-scented sticks. Choose sticks that smell like real balsam firs, spruce, and pine. Spread them out evenly in between the tree branches. It will give your Christmas tree a wonderful holiday fragrance when you unpack next December.

    Christmas tree storage with pine scented sticks
    (Image Credit: Balsam Hill’s Scentsicles)
  5. Shrink-wrap your Christmas tree. There is no need to take apart your artificial tree. Shrink-wrapping your tree will save you a lot of time… and you can keep the lights on it.

    Shrink wrap Christmas tree storage
    (Image Credit: Epbot)
  6. Wrap your Christmas lights around a coat hanger or use cardboard scraps. Tangled wires are just no fun. Wrap your lights around cardboard scraps or old coat hangers to keep them tangle-free. Most importantly, you can easily layer them in a storage bin to keep them safe.

    Wrap Christmas lights around cardboard scraps
    (Image credit: A Real-Life Housewife)
  7. Stash ornaments in plastic apple containers. Each round ornament can be nestled inside each hole in the apple container and these containers can be safely stacked on top of each other.

    christmas ornament storage in plastic apple containers
    (Image Credit: Make Life Lovely)
  8. Store ornaments in a wine box. Visit your local liquor store to get free wine boxes and use cardboard dividers to organize your holiday decorations. The best thing about wine boxes is that they are very durable, since they are meant to store wine bottles.

    Christmas ornament storage in wine box
    (Image Credit: Thrifty Rebel Vintage)
  9. Store Christmas wreaths in your closet. Keep wreaths hung up in your closet with a wire hanger. Cover the wreath and hanger with dry-cleaner plastic bags to protect it from dust.

    Store Christmas wreaths in closet
    (Image Credit: Life Storage Blog)
  10. Take advantage of BinSwap valet storage. Holiday decorations take up valuable space 11 months of the year. Why store them at home? Maximize your valuable living space by taking advantage of affordable BinSwap storage.

best holiday decor christmas ornament storage ideas BinSwap

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