Sell Your Home

Clear out your house before listing. BinSwap provides free bins, storage and return delivery to the clients new home.

One of the first thing home sellers must do before listing is to clear out half of their belongings. This can be a challenge because it is human nature to feel attached to our ‘things’. This is why professional organizers like Marie Kondo can stir up media frenzy with books and netflix shows simply helping people let go of what no longer serves them. Decluttering involves “editing” the items in a space so it’s less cluttered and more functional.

The goal is to minimize or eliminate distractions that could otherwise take away buyer’s focus. Your home has to appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers. This means tucking away your kid’s soccer trophies or artwork on the fridge. Personal photos or collections should also be stored. While these items might ‘spark joy’ to you, they might be a turnoff to the potential buyers. Potential buyers don’t want to picture your family living in the house; they want to picture their family living there.

BinSwap has been helping home sellers prep their house to sell. BinSwap delivers free bins for clients to fill, pick up, and store while the home is being stored. The best part is the bins can be delivered to the new home for only $20 within our service area. Save money and trees by not needing so many cardboard boxes or moving company services.