Live Smaller

BinSwap makes 'swapping' out seasonal clothes or holiday decorations convenient and affordable. Make space in your home. Have what you need when you need it. Store it when you don't.

Reclaim space in your home with BinSwap. BinSwap makes it easy for customers to live smaller and live minimally by storing what they don’t need right now and delivering it back when you need it again. This could be holiday decorations, seasonal items, toddler clothing, etc. These often end up in ‘default storage’ spaces like garages, basements and guest bedrooms. With the expensive cost of Chicago real estate, it’s important to take advantage of every square foot in your home. Turn storage spaces into living spaces. Clients are surprised when they can suddenly park two cars in their garage when storing with BinSwap. Today's culture glamourizes consumption without consideration for the debt, increased maintenance, or anxiety caused by too many possessions. Just like Marie Kondo, BinSwap wants to challenge this idea encouraging clients to live a minimalist lifestyle. By storing with BinSwap, clients are finding more useful space in their home. For example, closets can become functionable again when off season attire is stored with BinSwap. Have what you need when you need it. Store it when you don’t.