How much does BinSwap cost?

Bins cost $5.00 a month while we store them for you. Bulky items like bikes, Christmas trees, golf clubs and skis start at $15 a month. 

How much do you charge for pickup and deliveries?

Pickups are always free. Deliveries are $20.  BinSwap delivery is to the front door of your building.  An additional charge will occur if our drivers need to climb stairs to get to your front door.  A few steps to get from the street to your building’s front door is fine, however, if our driver needs to climb up a flight of stairs additional charges will apply. Typically, there is an additional $5 per laden bin to navigate interior staircases and hallways.  Feel free to call us to find out if your delivery will incur an additional fee due to stairs or difficult access to your front door.

What kind of items can I store?

With the exception of illegal items. You can store anything that you can fit in one of our bins, or that can easily be carried
by one person (up to 50lbs).

How quickly can I get my stuff?

We have standard delivery windows you can schedule from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Of course, if you
really need something and it has to be delivered within hours, give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Do I have to collect all my bins are the same time?

No!  That’s the beauty of BinSwap.  Swap back only what you need when you need it.  We understand that you only need your holiday decorations in December and your paddle board in the summer.

How much stuff can fit in the bin?

When it comes to bins, size DOES matter! And ours are the biggest in the biz boasting 4 cubic feet. The outside dimensions of our bins are roughly 28 inches long x 20 inches wide  x 15 inches deep.


How many bins should I order?

Feel free to order more bins than you think you’ll need.  You are only charged for the bins that you fill.

Are these stored in a temperature controlled environment?

Our storage facilities are climate controlled within a range of 55 – 85 degrees. Full details are available in our terms and conditions, however, if you need something stored at a specific temperature (such as your wine collection) we are probably not the best option.

Where is my stuff stored?

All of your stuff will be stored in our own managed buildings in secure premises throughout Chicago. Access is limited to authorized personnel only.

Do I have to be home for deliveries and pickups?

We require someone to be available to acknowledge receipt of pickups and deliveries, whether that’s a doorman, a neighbor, your cousin Rick, that’s up to you.

Why won’t you take my couch?

Our business model is based on low cost convenient storage. When you start talking about storing furniture, it’s typically not that easy to move, takes up a lot of space in a van or truck and requires more than one person to carry. There are plenty of other companies that specialize in that type of storage and we are happy to give you recommendations.

What is your delivery area?

We currently serve Chicago. If we don’t cover your area yet, give us a call or drop us an email at

What if I need my bins delivered to my new home outside your service area?

Delivery outside BinSwap’s service area incurs a $75/hour rate for delivery.  This rate applies for the pick up of empty bins also.  Try to schedule at low traffic times.  Make sure to account for return pick up of bins.  Price includes one driver and truck.

Can I rent your bins for my move?

Yes!  BinSwap allows bin rental for the same price per bin as valet storage.  Give us a call or shoot us an email to learn more about renting our bins.

How much time do I have to pack my bins?

Our deliveries and pickups are on different days that you schedule upon checking out. So how long you have to pack your bins is up to you. We just ask that you schedule pick up within a two week window of delivery. If your belongings are ready and you’d like to pack on the spot, our drivers are able to wait 15 min while you pack.

Can I use my own containers?

We require all clients to utilize our bins for the security, stackability and durability our bins provide in comparison to other bins.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, our weight limit is 50 lbs per bin or bulky item. Bulky items must be able to be carried by one person.

Will you pack my bins?

Currently we don’t offer packing services. However, we can certainly recommend people who provide that service including those that offer a closet organization service is needed. Just let us know at sign up, or give us a call.

When do I get charged?

Typically, the monthly recurring fees start once we pick up the items from your home and we scan them onto our van or truck. Other fees such as delivery or failed delivery (if someone is not available when we try to make a scheduled delivery or collection) are charged when incurred.

How do I get charged?

Sign up requires a credit card. Storage charges begin once we have picked up your stuff and are charged monthly for each item stored until those individual items are returned.

I need to see your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, where can I find them?

Terms and Conditions can be found here and our Privacy Policy is here.