BinSwap Gives

BinSwap is donating 25% of proceeds back to local schools and organizations. Customers can choose from our current list of collaborating recipients or add one of theirs to the list.

BinSwap has donated money to a number of schools and charities around Chicago and the list is expanding exponentially. Charities and schools don’t have to do anything to receive donations, but those receiving substantial financial contributions have shared the concept with their network or community. "Our goal is to expand our philanthropic efforts throughout our city in hopes of encouraging local involvement," says co founder Angus Frost.

The beauty of BinSwap Gives is that it’s an ongoing donation program. The program pays out quarterly and reoccurs as long as clients are utilizing BinSwap. "Leaving a legacy that continues to help and support the lives within the community around me, means more to me than being known for one of my business ventures," says Alex.

If you’d like to have your school or Non for profit organization added to our list of donation recipients, please fill out the form below.

Add my school/organization to your give back list