Chicago Natives

Meet Alex and Angus!

Just like you, we want to judge someone based on their photo and padded bio before giving them our treasured belongings. So here, let us charm you.

I’m Angus Frost. I was born in England, lived in Australia, and settled in America. This explains the accent. A Green Bay Packer fan by marriage (my wife has four very large, very strong brothers!). My wife and I currently live in Oak Park with our three amazing kids…and two questionable hamsters. Yes, I’m the tech geek. And not the modern day nerd that’s actually cool. I’m talking the seasoned technology, operations and strategy expert with over a decade of experience working with senior executives to align IT to support their business objectives. I’m the guy behind the guy behind the guy making sure our website functionality is as perfect as our customer service.

I’m Alex Pearsall. My wife and I, two kids and a 115lb Bernese Mountain Dog named Elston live in Bucktown, but spend as many weekends and most of the summer at our farm up in Wisconsin. When I’m ‘adulting’ I do real estate. I’ve been involved in a multitude of Chicago-based real estate projects over the last 18 years as a developer, general contractor and property manager. During that time I’ve developed over 500 residential units and 460k square feet of commercial and industrial space. What does all this mean? It means I have discovered and built the Fort Knox of Chicago to help protect and store your Santa suit and light up- inflatable snowman, your scuba gear, and your wife’s Sorel boot collection.

Angus and I have known each other for years since our wives grew up together in Wisconsin. We laugh at each others jokes so obviously we wanted to go into business together. Combining Angus’s expertise and passion for technology with my equally savvy knowledge and love of real estate was how BinSwap was born. The birth was all natural, no epidurals, and involved many beers and dreams of having more space by storing ice skates in the summer or tennis rackets in the winter. We were in agreement that self storage was a waste of time and money. What people needed was full service seasonal storage where free bins would be delivered for you to pack, then stored until you want it delivered back. Now doesn’t that sound poetic?